Auto Vision Tinting provide window tinting for prestige cars across North Wales.

Architectural tinting

Auto Vision are also fully trained in the application of tinting to windows on buildings.

Architectural tinting

If privacy in your home or place of work is important to you, our window tinting service can give you that added privacy without impeding your view.

We can tint windows on homes, offices, portacabins and conservatories.

Tinting building windows provides the same great benefits as tinting car windows, such as protection of the interior of your property from harmful UV rays, especially valuable furniture, pictures and electrical goods. As with vehicle tinting, protection is also provided from solar energy, reducing the internal heat of the building and the need for expensive to run air conditioning. Tinting also offers a more hygenic and environmentally friendly solution than conventional air conditioning.

In offices or the home office tinting also reduces glare on computer screens from windows.

The coating also prevents shattering in the event of break-in or extreme weather events, protecting people and property inside from flying glass.

About us

Auto Vision provide a high quality professional window tinting service. We are a recognised Solar Guard approved installer covering the North Wales area.

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